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Solar prospects bright in most countries around the world.

The costs for Solar Power is falling steadily and many countries offers incentives for renewable energy sources. Thailand will soon start to offer homeowners to sell excess energy to the grid. Also, the custom fee for imported solar panels will be reduced from 10% down to 5% start Jan 1st 2018. Imported solar crystals have been lowered to 0% customs fee for long time all ready.

Installing solar panels, due to the cost for panels have not been profitable – until now. In 2012 an investment return in solar power typically was 15 year. In 2012 it was 8 year and today it is more like 4-5 year. All of a sudden it becomes a viable and profitable option.

Solar power basically consists of three parts. Solar panels stands for around 35%, battery backup another 35% and the rest for the necessary electronics and installation work.

  1. Solar panels have a life productivity length of at least 25 years, so this part is VERY long and short term profitable.
  2. Batteries have a life span ranging from up to 6-12 year depending of type and quality (Do NOT use car batteries). The longer life span, the higher price, of course. You typically use so called AGM or GEL batteries. GEL technology is not necessary, they cost more even though the price between GEL and AGM is shrinking fast at the moment. This part takes long time to become profitable.
  3. 25-30% of the investment are other necessities and around half of this would be installation costs. The electronic parts have a life span of 8-15 year but do not cost that much to replace since the installation will still be there.

As for ALL mentioned above, high temperatures affects the total lifespan, especially for some types of batteries. A wrongfully performed installation will also shorten the life span and likely make the whole system less effective.

So why use batteries? If you want the sun work for you 24/7 you must have batteries, but it is costly and it will take more years to get back your investment money.

So, why not skip the batteries, or only have a small numbers that will kick in if the grid power fails. The investment potential is, for sure, in the solar panels, Use it for your own load daytime. Run your pool pump, enjoy almost free AC comfort, charge your car! and anything else that can be done during sun hours. Oversize your system and you can also sell the extra power to the state grid. That will shorten the time it takes to get your money back and start making money instead. Leave your house for vacation and enjoy the thought that your house is generating money for you while you are away, partly paying for your trip. Be confident in your investment that will help save our environment.

What’s in the future. Prices probably down even more for solar panels but do not expect drastic figures. As for batteries I see a small revolution coming. Several Mega battery factories are under development, one of them is Elon Musk’s (Tesla) Mega factory. This progress will take a couple of years to hit the shelves around the world and even more time before the competition reduces prices. I am talking about Lithium batteries. They will be used in electric cars, power banks for solar production and so on. A lithium battery today cost 4-5 times more than a “normal” battery. Since they are a lot more efficient in many ways the real cost is may be double compared to a AGM battery.

Consensus is: Buy a complete system of Solar Panels. Size the system to 150-200% of your own need and sell the surplus to the state grid. Jump on the battery wagon when the costs are right and get up to 100% independent of state controlled supply. One thing is for sure – the electric cost from government will NOT go down.

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