Solar Power

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 The suns power is for free

Thailand is ideal for efficient and cheap solar energy. Let’s use it! Done correct it will become a good investment in a few year!


What do you want to do?

1. A powerful battery backup so that I can watch my TV, surf my computer, not vaste my refrigerator food and have some lamps on for many hours (5-24 or more) or even running AC, all when grid electric fails.

2. All as above AND batteries charged by solar power. That will significantly extend backup time if grid electric fails during daytime and will also provide more energy next day and every day.

3. Solar power only, no battery backup. Will work well during daytime. Perfect for offices, workplaces where energy is needed only daytime. Combined with a battery backup and/or grid connection it will provide a steady energy resource when the grid fails.

4. All as above AND enough solar power to reduce my reliance of grid electricity with 20-100%. May be even 150 – 200% capacity so that I can sell surplus electricity to my neighbors or electric company.


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