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Big changes in Pattaya

Big changes in Pattaya

Big changes in Pattaya Walking Street

The city of Pattaya is suffering badly from the coronavirus since the city is one of the biggest tourist centers in Thailand. It is estimated that up to 70% of tourism-related businesses are struggling badly or already shut down.

I always believed that when bad things happen something good comes out of them. In the long run, the pandemic will prove to be a huge upgrade for growing tourism, not only for Pattaya but for the country.

As for Pattaya, the pandemic is an unprecedented opportunity to reset its image and truly become a family resort.

The city has already restored the central beaches and Jomtien beach. It now looks very good and the water clarity is vastly improved.

The project EEC (Eastern Seaboard Corridor) is in full swing with top-quality highways finished and more under construction. The road infrastructure between Bangkok and Rayong is today of top world standard. Laem Chabang deep-sea harbors are being extended, U-Tapao airport upgrading and a new High-speed train to Bangkok is underway. All this means that the economy of Pattaya and visiting tourists is to increase significantly in a near future.

Walking Street

An upbeat Mayor Sontaya Khunpluem in Pattaya has said that the work being done on Walking Street is so much more than just cable burying. He’s going to transform the street into something “suay ngaam” (beautiful) that the resort can be proud of.

The road surface was going to be completely renewed, he said, and that included the drain and pipe covers. The road surface was going to be completely renewed, and that included the drain and pipe covers.

No stone would be left unturned to upgrade the ENTIRE length of the street.

Three proposals on how to upgrade Walking street are on the table: “A return to the past (considered highly unlikely). Thai style Walking Street (tried last year with a moderate result). The most viable option, if get a big EEC grant is to demolish the whole area, replace it with a green zone, aquarium, mini-zoo, water park, children rides, international restaurants, and more.

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