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Welcome to our statement service.

Orestone Group specialize since 2006 to act as caretakers in the Pattaya area of condo and house. A monthly economic statement is one part of this service so that you always and conveniently can follow the progress of your rental investment. We will take care of any uprising issue be it problem with the tenant, the property or others. We are also very good at renting out so that your investment will become as profitable as possible. Everything is taken care of in a professional way so that you can concentrate on your daily work in your home country.

Below you can see your latest statement that shows last month accounting. In case this is not the latest version, please contact us so that we can correct the error. You may use the email form below.

Our statements are done thoroughly and the main reason for this statement is to openly account for the economic transfers regarding your investment property. This does not guarantee there will not be any error even though this is rare. This is why it is important that you control the content and immediately contact us if something is wrong. Mostly only you can discover issues like that. We will then immediately correct the error and/or contact you to explain why it was wrong.

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