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Welcome to Orestone Group Co Ltd in Pattaya!

Orestone Group Co Ltd – established 2006. Check out all our SERVICES below.

Latest news - Pattaya Fun City. Thailand opens up.

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Testimonials from happy customers!

Roman Matus, (Sweden)


Always been happy with services from Orestone Group. Every time I needed help I got it. The staff at the company always sets the customer at the center and do that little extra that I appreciate very much.
Kjell Jilderby (Sweden)


Solid and effective rental agent. Honesty and an open monthly statement guarantee a good service.

Hermann Goth (Germany)


Good service and reliable. Thanks for all the help. I will come back soon.

David Munn (UK)


Jan & Fon of Orestone, so much I can say, I will have to try and limit myself! I first came across the team some 15 years ago and was struck by the difference compared to other property & renting agents – no flashiness no bullshit! 

Jan, straight-talking and clear, Fon so friendly and genuine.
Since then I have purchased and rented out approx 9 condos and one house, all with their total support assistance; identifying suitable and opportunistic properties, arranging finance, finding suitable tenants, monthly managing and maintenance, building works, troubleshooting and problem solving and technical, regulatory and legal research and advice and so it goes on! In fact, I said above, ” all with their support and assistance” that’s not true, they, in fact, have done everything, I have never had to do a thing. As, in my time, an extremely busy CEO this service has been invaluable and I could not have managed without it. As a team they are all-encompassing, Jan as solid and reliable as the name suggests ore – stone and Fon (behind every great man …..)
Bustling and battling away, maintaining contacts with all parties on all sides, negotiating, getting the inside track, digging deep to find solutions, so hardworking,  a complete miracle worker tenacious but everybody’s friend … simple the best! I hope you get the picture …
Quite simply with your properties, you will not find a better team than Jan & Fon. If it all sounds too good, don’t hesitate to contact me for more info! Thanks, David

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