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small house

I built my own vacation home in Thailand by myself. Rented land in a resort just outside Pattaya.

It took about 2 months for me to build alone, thanks to all the support I got from the resort manager. Very happy with the result.

Don't we all need some time to relax and escape the grey (sometimes white) and cold winter

Our vacation homes are perfect for vacation escape, located inside a very quiet natural tropical environment with sunny and warm days and evenings every day. And it is much cheaper than you can imagine. Build a small house in Thailand

Perfect for retirees that finally can enjoy summer weather for 6 months or longer with no exceptions. Very close access to the bustling city of Pattaya and many tropical sand beaches to explore. This area of Thailand offers the very best and most stable weather, especially during winter.

Are you a handyman? Then you can easily build your own vacation home dirt cheap. If not, we can build it for you.

The first step would be for you to buy one of our semi-built houses (see picture below). Never built a house before? We will help you in any way possible. With our support, it is not as difficult as you might think. Building yourself is fun, if you are a real handyman, and will save you a ton of money as well.  You might even consider being interested in building our customers houses.

Build a small house in Thailand


Build a small house

We speak English, Thai, and Swedish

We build mobile homes in Thailand. A house that you buy and own 100%, a house you can afford. Placed upon piles makes it movable. European standard and quality. A place to relax and enjoy the fantastic weather in Thailand. Placed inside a tropical resort environment and close to the fantastic world city of Pattaya.

Very close to the village Pong and Lake Mabrachan where you can enjoy restaurants, 7/11, Tesco Lotus, a local fresh market with very cheap groceries, and many smaller shops. 2 km to Highway 7 and Road 36 will connect you easily to almost everything that Pattaya offers. Minibus to Pattaya north. This area offers the very best weather in Thailand.


Start your adventure

We offer a range of mobile homes built as semi-ready to start building. They are built with a steel frame, ready-built roof, and walls. The basics are in place for you to expand into your dream vacation home. Build it up by yourself or choose one of our offered packages. Choose between budget - normal - premium. Build all at once or in stages. Design both interior and exterior, with or without our assistance. We offer several interior designs, proven to be space-efficient and convenient.

The first step is to buy the semi-built house, then you become the owner of your new house. Start to build and within a few months, you could be ready to move in.


Tropical nature resort

Enjoy the tropical nature our resort offers. The area is very quiet - a place to relax yet very close to the bustling city of Pattaya. You rent the plot where your house is placed. Included in the rental price is our maintenance fee which includes night lights, the pool for you and your family to enjoy, and all other services required, open seasonally.

Pattaya offers a wide range of attractions and many very big shopping malls. Few cities in Thailand can offer a modern Thai city where almost every Thai can speak English. The cuisine is offered from every corner of the world. Famous beaches, tourist attractions, markets, and special arrangements make Pattaya the funniest city in the world. If you are interested we can rent out your house when you are not there to generate some income as well.


Easy payments in steps!

If you want us to build your new homw, you pay with up to 5 steps during 1 year. You choose how much you want to pay and how fast you want us to build.

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Start with buying an existing semi-built house. This one cost 50,000 THB. Then you own the house, and we can start building - see step 2.

To continue, you can choose when to pay for the first step. Then we start building. Maximum 3 partial payouts in max 6 months. You can, of course pay the whole amount, then we will finish the building in 2-3 months.

We will send you pictures of the progress during the building period together with a quotation where you can follow your spending.



Follow step by step how one of our semi-built houses is transformed into a fully livable vacation home. A similar procedure for module houses.

Step 1

We start with a semi-built house where about 25 % of all work is readily done. It will take 2-3 months to finish the complete build-up - depending on the design and quality chosen by the customer.

The small entrance door is temporary and can be used later as a bathroom door.

Step 2

Time to complete the floor. A stable floor is one of the most important parts of a building, next to the roof. That is why we use real steel to support the floor. This makes the floor very stable, and longstanding, and will not sway when you walk on it.

Step 3

Windows and front sliding door prepared (UPVC) and exterior walls finished and ready to be painted. The outer wall material is so-called ConWood, it is made of fiber cement but looks like wood. Very durable, heat, weather, and insect resistant.

Step 4

Inner Walls with drywall in place and painted. Electric cabling prepared. Bathroom built up. Behind this space, there is room for a double bed.

Step 5

The shower room completed 90%. Floor and walls with vinyl that will last for a long time and will not leak. Ceiling with LED lamps completed.

Last step

99% finished, remains to connect electricity, water, and wastewater. This comes at an extra cost of 25.000 THB

Ready to move in

House finished. Time to move in. Welcome to Palm View Residence


Start your adventure!

house building small house

The pictures show a semi-built house during its assembling.

We offer several versions of cabins. All of them are built with a steel frame, complete roofing, and outer walls. The basics are in place and could be expanded to a complete cabin. Finish the building yourself or choose one of our packets.

Our cabins are 6 x 3.5 meters. You can easily expand the living area with a veranda with a roof 3 x 3,5 meters or more. A total living area of 31.5 sqm, is larger than many apartments in Pattaya and comes at a significantly lower price. We also offer larger plots should you be interested in a larger house. We offer 3 standard alternatives or a completely new concept on request.

Budget – the cheapest alternative, starts at 250.000 THB
Standard – good standard, starts at 330.000 THB
Premium – top standard, starts at 400.000 THB

Start your adventure by buying a semi-built house or a module house. 2 semi-built houses can be connected to make a 54 sqm big house. Then choose a plot and you will become the owner of your new cabin.  Finish your new home by yourself or choose from our quotas and we will build it for you. You start to pay land rent the day that electricity, water, and wastewater are installed. If you build by yourself, land rent will be charged from day one

If you choose the step-by-step alternative you start to pay rent no later than one 6 months later.  Certain rules apply for DIY regarding the installation of electricity, water, and water waste.

Land rental is 45 THB/sqm and month. A standard plot is 55 sqm = 2.475 THB/month, payable yearly in advance.


Interior design

We build vacation cabins in Thailand. A house you can buy and own 100% in your name, a house you can afford. Placed upon piles makes it movable. European standard and quality. A place to relax and enjoy the fantastic weather in Thailand. The house is located inside a tropical nature resort and very close to the fantastic city of Pattaya.

European standard with a well-designed interior is good for 2-3 persons. The perfect place to relax and for vacation. Calculate how much you need to pay for a hotel room every time you visit Thailand and you will realize that this alternative actually becomes a good investment. We will also be able to rent out your cabin when it is available to generate good income.

Flexible interior design

We offer several interior designs that have proven to be space-efficient and comfortable. Do your own design, with or without our advice. We offer advice on what we know works well both practical and for comfortable use. Choose how thick walls you want, insulated or not. Wallpapers, painted glass fiber, or others. Colors, floor material, design och bathroom, size and standard of the kitchen, size of air conditioner, and much more.

Our standard cabin measures 6 x 3.5 meters. That is the maximum that can be transported easily on Thai roads. It is possible to build 2 units that will be merged together (54 sqm plus veranda).  The size of the house depends on the available plot sizes in our resort.

Our resort

Experience our tropical nature resort. The area is very quiet, a place to really relax but at the same time very close to the bustling city of Pattaya. You rent the land that your house is set up upon. Included are night lamps, the pool that you and your family can enjoy, and all other necessary area maintenance work.

This resort is expanding and can offer several available plots for you to choose from.

The resort is located about 15 kilometers away from the bustling city of Pattaya and about 2 km away from the main connecting roads. Together with almost 100% good weather year around this becomes a true place to relax and at the same time close to anything that you can imagine. No other city can offer so many attractions and adventures as Pattaya

The resort has its own swimming pool for you to enjoy. It is the size of 12 x 5 meters and half the pool is 1.8 meters deep (Opened seasonally). Sun deck with chairs, tables, and a shower.

The water comes from our own well and is perfectly clean, but probably not drinkable which is common in Thailand. You have access to a very fast Internet connection, WiFi, or cable (500×300 Mbits) or more, for an extra small fee. We recommend a TV box as the best source for TV shows, movies, sports, news, cartoons, and so on.

Within walking distance from the resort lies the community of Pong. There you will find many shops, restaurants, and a local fresh market with very cheap vegetables, fruit, meat, and more. We have 7/11, Tesco Lotus, Big C Mini plus many other private smaller shops for your convenience. Minibusses will take you to North Pattaya where you can buy seafood that is super-fresh and super cheap.

Check out the surroundings here Google Maps


Welcome to the fantastic city of Pattaya

The city of Pattaya is growing very fast and has become a modern world city with close to 1 million citizens.
Around 15 million tourists from all over the world are visiting Pattaya every year. That is the reason that almost every Thai person can speak English which makes it easy to get around.

No other city offers so many culinary experiences coming from practically all corners of the world. No other city offers so many attractions, events, and adventures. It is a haven for both young and grown-up children. The city is investing heavily in family-friendly attractions.

Explore the sandy beaches from north Pattaya down to Jomtien Beach. Experience the islands just outside the city to sunbathe, dive, snorkel, and other water sports.

Experience all activities like Thailand’s biggest water world Ramayana, Asia’s biggest Cartoon Network water world, Sri Rach Tiger Show, Asia’s biggest (area) zoo Khao Kaew Zoo which offers sightseeing with your own car daytime, night safari, and camping. The list is never-ending.

Not so far from Pattaya, you could take a trip to the well-known islands of Koh Samet and Koh Chang.

Many grocery shops offer Western food. Markets, food, cheap clothing, and much more all over the city. Pattaya is a bustling city that never sleeps and at the same time offers a lot of charm.

Shopping is offered in absolute world-class with 2 mega shopping malls (one new and even bigger under construction) Central Festival and Terminal 21 are the two biggest. Pattaya also offers 5 smaller shopping centers where you can buy cheap clothing, brand names, and much more. Do we need to mention the world-renowned Walking Street with its unique multicultural approach? A visit is a must. Weather in Pong

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