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Investment in Pattaya

Condo invesment Pattaya. Buying a luxury condo is the best investment, short and long-term. This is because they attract a wealthy category of customers. Thailand has become a highly sought-after location for property investment in Southeast Asia. Urban locations such as Pattaya have been very popular among foreign buyers and Thai Investors. We will and can provide you with wealthy tenants from our worldwide resources to assure you will make a good income on your investment.

Buy a luxury condo, second-hand or new in a good location. This will render a good steady ROI (Return on Investment) immediately. Right now there are two new projects available for early birds. One of them still offers pre-build prices. An opportunity to buy cheap and to choose from many available condos.

The best property management in Pattaya.

A professional team stands by for you for your after-sales care, assisting in the management of the maintenance of the rooms, and caring for your property value this is a guarantee. We will also see to that your condo is rented out, and manage all issues. Without you ever lifting a finger. 20.000 up to 100.000 /per month for 1 month's rental. The price depends on size and location. This example starts with a small studio up to a 2 bedroom.

However, not all foreign buyers want to be heavily invested by putting all their cash into acquiring the property. Instead, investors want the option to finance their real estate with a property loan. Foreigners are welcome to apply.

Condo investment Pattaya

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